Connect Groups

Wes & Becca Holmes

Wes & Becca Holmes Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Greg & Jade Vandergrift

Greg & Jade Vandergrift Tuesdays 7PM

Young Adults
Kellam & De Schiffart

Kellam & De Schiffart Thursday's 7:30PM

Moms & Kids Group

Moms & Kids Group Wednesdays 9am

For moms with young kids at home

Jonathan Ripley

Jonathan Ripley Thursdays 7:00pm

Men's Group
Shane & Raylene Manson

Shane & Raylene Manson Wednesdays 7pm Bi-Weekly

Focused on Marriage and Relationships.

Ferenc & Heidi Stefani

Ferenc & Heidi Stefani Thursdays 7:30PM

Anne Gougeon

Anne Gougeon Fridays 10am

Ladies Group
Sue Boland

Sue Boland Wednesdays 10AM

Ladies Group

OCEANYouth Fridays 7-9PM

Grades 7-12
Deb Denhoff

Deb Denhoff Wednesday's 7PM

Ladies Group

Mark & Felicity Pooley

Mark & Felicity Pooley Thursdays 7:00pm

Theresa Silk

Theresa Silk Wednesdays 10AM

Ladies Group
Nathan & Megan Johnson

Nathan & Megan Johnson Wednesdays 7:00pm

Nate & Jocelyn Lord

Nate & Jocelyn Lord Wednesdays 6:00PM

Freedom Session

Freedom Session Wednesday's 7:00PM

lead by Doug Hooge & Jenny Bell
15-18s Connect Group

15-18s Connect Group Wednesday's 7-9pm

For youth aged 15 to 18
Devon & Emma Kuziw

Devon & Emma Kuziw Wednesdays 7:00pm

Young Adults

Dan & Charlene King

Dan & Charlene King Thursdays 7:00pm

Rick & Julie Faganello

Rick & Julie Faganello Monday's 7:30pm

Mark & Dena Manfredi

Mark & Dena Manfredi Thursdays 7:00PM

Paul & Katie MacMunn

Paul & Katie MacMunn Wednesdays 6pm

Chance & Donna Craig

Chance & Donna Craig Fridays 5:30pm

What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are the primary way that we believe discipleship happens in the life of our community. Discipleship is simply the journey that everyone of us is on as we grow and mature in our faith, in our pursuit of knowing Jesus and making Jesus known.

In connect groups:
We LOOK UP - building relationship with God, focusing on Him and His Kingdom.
We LOOK INWARD - growing & maturing in our walk as a believer as we become more like Jesus.
WE LOOK OUTWARD - as we step out to fulfill the Great Commission in each group in a variety of ways.

Connect Group Map

Oceanside Church Nanaimo

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