20/20 Challenge

20/20 Challenge


This year Oceanside Church is taking on the "20/20 Reading Challenge".

This is an opportunity to read through the entire Bible, chronologically, in a year. We are going to be reading together from the 'One Year Chronological Bible' in the New Living Translation. Plus, every Monday evening the Oceanside School of the Bible will present a live video broadcast on Youtube that will teach through the Scripture that we've read together during the previous week. You will be able to ask questions about the readings during the livestream or submit your questions by text. You can also listen to the teaching later in the week through the published podcast.

Getting your copy of the One Year NLT Chronological Bible:

Weekly Live-Stream Teachings:

Go to our Youtube Channel on Monday evenings at 7:17pm to join Man Manfredi and Dan King for the weekly live-streamed teachings that review and teach from the previous weeks readings. They will also be answering your questions live on the stream!

Sending in Your Questions:

There are two ways that you can send in your questions to Mark and Dan ...

  • During your daily readings send in your questions by text-message to Oceanside Church at (250) 740-1026. Your question will be addressed during the live-streams.
  • During the weekly live-stream on youtube.com using the chat feature (account required to ask questions live).

General Resources:

Download the "Timeline of Kings and Prophets" PDF to assist you in reading 1/2 Kings and 1/2 Chronicles HERE.

Download the "Isaiah’s Prophecies of Jesus" PDF HERE.

Accessing the readings without your bible:

If you don't have access to your copy of The One Year Chronological Bible for a few days feels free to use this PDF Reading Outline of the years readings so you can keep up!

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