Growing in Spiritual Gifts

Growing in Spiritual Gifts

The New Testament depicts Christianity as a supernatural way of life. Spiritual gifts are given to each believer in Christ to build up others and enable each of us to be effective witnesses in the world. You are invited to a lively 7-week teaching and discussion course that will systematically work through the Bible for a greater understanding and application of these amazing God-given gifts.

Required textbooks:

Watch Sessions:

Course Outline and Homework:

Please read the readings for each week before coming to class.
Click here to download a PDF of the homework.

Week 1 -
Chapters: 1, 2, 3 & 6
The nature & purpose of the gifts
The gift of discerning spirits
Week 2 -
Chapter: 7
The gifts of mercy and faith
The gift of giving
Week 3 -
Chapters: 8 & 9
The gifts of healings and miracles
Special meetings with Keir & Callie Tayler.
Week 4 -
Chapters: 4 & 5
The gifts of wisdom and knowledge
The gift of exhortation
Week 5 -
Romans 12:3-8
The gift of administration
The gift of helps/serving
Week 6 -
Chapters: 11 & 12
The gift of prophecy
How to judge prophecy
Week 7 -
Ephesians 4.
Chapter 13
The Ephesians ch 4 gifts
How to know and use your gift

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