Foster Info Luncheon

Foster Information Session

Join us, Sunday November 19th right after church for a light lunch and a casual conversation with an Oceanside Foster Family. Come meet others interested in forming a community support group and those who are current, former or future foster parents. This is a space for you to bring your ideas, encouragement, questions, apprehensions, and to talk things through with others.

We believe that foster care can come in many different forms. Maybe you could provide a warm meal, offer babysitting to someone in need of a break, give tutor support, become trauma informed, open your home to foster children, lend an ear, and offer your prayers! The ways in which we can support one another are truly endless.

At Oceanside we believe that caring for orphans isn’t just a command, it’s a way to tangibly live out the gospel. We hope that you will consider joining this new community at Oceanside. Whether you’ve had several placements, or have never even considered the idea of fostering, there is is a place for you in this group.


Sunday, November 19, 2023


11:30 am
2304 Jingle Pot Road (The Junction)
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