Gathering, healing, training, and sending.

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Our mission has always been larger than the local church. We gather to train, heal, and send out locally, nationally, and globally.

acts on the street

THE MINISTRYThe vision of this ministry is simply to take the church to the streets and bless anyone out there with the same love that God has for us.

What we doWe help people with their needs like clothing, food and the most import we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.We do prayer walks as well, which we pray for our city and everyone in it, including the homeless that we meet along the way.

We truly believe on the power of our prayers and we know how it can change lives.
INFORMATIONMeeting Time: Wednesdays at 7PM
Location: Buy-Low Foods

congo grace orphanage

The ministry
We are making a difference in the lives of 38 orphans in one of the world's most dangerous places to live. Thank you to our generous donors.
what we do
Backed by the registered charity, International Widows and Orphans Fund (IWOF), Grace Ministries Childrens' Home is an orphanage in war-torn Congo that works to ensure 38 orphaned kids have a safe place to live, eat, and learn each and every day. Over 95% of donated funds raised reach the children directly.

Last year, only 14 of the 38 children could attend school due to financial constraints. Our hope is to raise $6,500 by the end of the year to ensure that all 38 children are able to attend school. Until charitable status is obtained, we are unable to issue tax receipts. Oceanside church has graciously agreed to accept donations on behalf of the orphanage, and issue tax receipts, until our registration is in place.

Please do not feel pressured to give. If, however, you feel a stirring in your heart when you read the children’s stories, we so appreciate your support. I believe the only way out of poverty, is an education.

Please contact me should you require further information.

Johann Van Rensburg
Director - IWOF