Parent & Baby Dedications

Thank you for your interest in our next parent and child dedication service.  For many families, this is an important time, as parents commit to the Lord, before their church community, to raise their children in a godly home.

As parents, we are not only committing to raise our children in a godly home, but we are committing to be the type of gospel-saturated, grace-loving, faith-empowered Christians we want our children to grow into. We are trusting in Jesus, and not in our own abilities, for this to happen and pray that later in our children’s lives they will come to an understanding and saving relationship with Jesus.

The Commitment:

Parent-Child dedication is a commitment parents make in their heart, before God and the church, to raise their children in a prayerful environment that embraces the grace, redemption, and knowledge of God that is rooted in the Scripture and the gospel of Jesus Christ. At the dedication we also will invite the church leaders and the entire community to pray for the families.

If you have a child you would like to dedicate please use the link below to let us know


Sunday, May 5, 2024


10:30 am
Oceanside Church Nanaimo
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