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Teaching children to love God, to know God, and experiencing Him in all they do.

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ONE80 means a complete turn around, to be going one way, and to go in the opposite direction. ONE80’s goal is for our children to know who they are in Christ; born with a purpose to live overcoming lives and to share the love of God.


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ONE80Kids leads the next generation to get to know God better, understand who they are, meet new friends, and serve others! At a young age, kids are able to learn what God has in store for them, so they may grow up with an everlasting sense of hope, love, and generosity

If it's your first time sending your kids to ONE80, you can speed up the check-in process by adding them to our secure check-in system.

frequently asked questions

How do I check in?

Please enter the church via the main entrance doors. Turn left and head down to the ONE80 Check-In table upon arriving at Oceanside. Please check your child into ONE80 Kids’ before the service; they will join us in Worship as a family. Once kids are registered, they stay with you and are released after Worship (so we can share in worshiping God as a family)

Check-In is open from 9:10AM to 9:40AM

Make sure your children have used the bathroom and washed their hands before checking into ONE80. When you arrive, a leader will give your child a name tag and you will receive a matching security sticker for picking them up. Do not lose this sticker! You must show this after the service to pick up your children.

If you haven't checked your kids in before, you can save yourself some time by registering them in advance by clicking the button above! You only need to do this once.

When does ONE80 Kids start?

Our kids are invited to join us during morning worship in the auditorium. Once worship is wrapped up, they are dismissed to their respective classes.

Where do I bring my kids?

1-2s are just down the hall on the main level, as well as the Age 3 and Age 4 room. If you have littles in these ages, please accompany them to class.

Ages 5-12 are free to go upstairs unattended with a sticker on! Leaders are waiting at their classroom; look for the banner!

When do I pick up my kids?

Immediately after the service has ended, please go down the hall for 1-2s and pick up your kids at the classroom door.  Head upstairs for age 3-4s, and Kinder to Grade 7. The grade appropriate banner is located just outside each class door. Our 8-12s are free to join you on their own. Once you have shown your security sticker to the leader, they will retrieve your child for you. Important! No sticker = no kids! We must see your security sticker to safely check your child out to you.

Are class sizes limited?

As our classes continue to grow, we've started implementing limited class sizes in certain age groups. Check-in for classes will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you don't anticipate your child attending Sunday's class, please do not check them in them to allow for other children to attend.

What are your safety measures?

For added safety during the service, only Kids Team Members are permitted down the hall during Check-In, and until Pick-Up. If you have been called to your child’s class, just stop at the check-in table and they or the Security team will walk with you to the class.  As always, your family’s health and safety is very important to us! Thank you so much for your patience as we take steps to provide a fun and safe Children’s Ministry. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and loved.