Becoming Like Christ


Becoming Like Christ

What does it mean to become like Christ? In this series, we'll explore how the Bible teaches us to live. To become like Christ means to strive to imitate the character, attitudes, and actions of Jesus as they are presented in the Bible. This includes developing qualities such as humility, selflessness, forgiveness, and love, as well as following his teachings and example.

Becoming like Christ is considered an ongoing process of spiritual growth and development, known as sanctification, which is the act of becoming holy or set apart for God's purpose. It also means that we are being transformed to be more and more like Jesus as we grow in faith and understanding of who he is. In addition, it means, we are to obey his commands and follow his example by loving God and loving others. The ultimate goal of becoming like Christ is to become more like the person God created us to be, becoming the best version of ourselves.


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